lagging behind in my updates

Did a HIIT workout Friday and boy did it suck everything out of me.  I was spent at the end!

  1. 12x 45lb bar deadlift to upright row, right away to
  2. 12x medicine ball squat jumps (20 second break)
  3. 12x renegade rows with 12.5 dumbbells (plank, row each arm and then jump feet to hands and back), right away to
  4. 12x 45lb bar front squats (20 second break)
  5. 12x cross body pushups, right away to
  6. 12x burpees (no pushup, just jackknife legs in and out) (20 second break)
  7. 12x bulgarian split squats with 12.5lb dumbbells, right away to
  8. 12x tricep dips on a bench

1 minute rest and then repeat the whole sequence two more times

Had my cheat meal afterwards of a plain burger and fries ( I know! lol)



About lulucitron

Fitness buff looking to take things to the next level through diet and exercise.
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