With the absolute sea of supplements out there, the possibilities are mind boggling.  After some research, I’ve come up with a shortlist.

  1. A good multi-vitamin with extra calcium and vitamin D since I’m not consuming dairyimage_24972_130_white
  2. BCAAs – speeds up muscle recovery, promotes muscle growth and limits muscle breakdown.  5-10g with pre and post workout shakes or just added to plain waterimage_26397_130_white
  3. Fish Oil – reduces inflammation and risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  I think I’ll try Barlean’s which promises no bad aftertaste!OmegaSwirlLemonZest_lg
  4. Green Tea Extract – increases metabolic rate, aids in fat loss as well as joint recoveryimage_24824_130_white
  5. Good quality whey isolate protein powder – As well as pre and post workout, I’ll have this as snacks in between meals or added to my baking.  Still researching a good brand of protein powder.

Anything I’m missing?


About lulucitron

Fitness buff looking to take things to the next level through diet and exercise.
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