December 28th workout

Did legs, shoulders and abs today. Energy was pretty low and my mind was elsewhere but the tough workout really helped boost my mood.

Warmed up on the eliptical for 5 minutes
grabbed a wooden dowel and warmed up my shoulders by holding the dowel wide and swinging the dowel forward and then back behind my shoulders in a controlled motion. Also did some side-to-side twists and good mornings to warm up my back.
Did some quick squats without a bar, gradually getting my butt lower to the ground then did 12 quick reps with just an empty 45lb bar. Grabbed 15lb dumbbells and put them to the side.
12 x 95lbs (incl bar) back squats and right away into 12x bicep curl to shoulder press (15lb dumbbells)
finish 4 sets of each

12 x 65lbs (incl bar) stiff legged deadlifts and right away into upright rows with smith machine using 30lbs – 4 sets of each

12 x split legged lunges using 15lb dumbells and right away into 12x rear delt flies/squats with cables – 4 sets of each

20x pli̩ squats with 35lb dumbbell and right away into 12x front shoulder raises using rope on cables Р4 sets of each

20x full situp with 16lb medicine ball, 12x bulgarian wipers, 12x reverse crunch, 12x standing torso twists without allowing toe to touch the ground (repeat series 4 times)


About lulucitron

Fitness buff looking to take things to the next level through diet and exercise.
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